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Data Analytics System

Visualisation of Machine Data

The Data Analytics System is an excellent, inexpensive tool for the detailed evaluation and visualisation of machine data relevant for the operation for the FrigorTec devices equipped for that.

You do not use Data Analytics yet for your FrigorTec device and would like to know more about this visualisation service? Contact us then. We would be pleased to advise you.

In 3 steps for visualisation of your operational data

1. Name the grain cooling unit to be evaluated

To ease the later allocation of the data records, please give your FrigorTec device a designation next (e.g. device number):

2. Enter a valid e-mail address

Then enter the e-mail address to which we should send the access data for your data visualisation:

3. Upload the archiving file from your USB stick

Simply plug the FrigorTec USB stick into your PC. Please select the archiving file "FRIGORTEC_data_archiving0.txt" or "FRIGORTEC_data_archiving0.csv":

Afterwards click on the button "Submit":

After the sending, you will receive an e-mail within a few minutes at the address you provided with the access information for the visualisation of your machine data. The visualisation provides you with the option to limit the evaluated time frame and to save the data as a PDF file.

We are at your service if you have questions concerning the operational data and will provide consultation for possible optimisation potentials in the operation of your FrigorTec device.

Please contact us!

Example of an operational data visualisation